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pcie ep generate legacy interrupt

Question asked by THORSTEN POHLMANN on Dec 21, 2017
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I'm struggeling to get an PCIe Endpoint working on a T1042.

Bar setup etc seems to work fine, as i can see the T1042 EP at the RC and am capable of writing/reading the EPs RAM.


The Setup is: T1042-EP <-> Pericom 7c9x111 pcie/pci Bridge <-> compactPCI-Bus <-> Pericom 7c9x111 pcie/pci Bridge <-> T1042 RC (Linux)


I am trying to raise an Interrupt EP -> RC, but that does not work.


The registers (T1042 EP):

pex #0:
Address (PEXOTARn) : 0xfe260c00 = 0x00000000
Address Extended (PEXOTEARn): 0xfe260c04 = 0x00000000
Window Base Address(PEXOWBARn): 0xfe260c08 = 0x00000000
Window Attributes (PEXOWARn) : 0xfe260c10 = 0x80044027
pex #1:
Address (PEXOTARn) : 0xfe260c20 = 0x000e0000
Address Extended (PEXOTEARn): 0xfe260c24 = 0x00000000
Window Base Address(PEXOWBARn): 0xfe260c28 = 0x00c20000
Window Attributes (PEXOWARn) : 0xfe260c30 = 0x8004401b
pex #2:
Address (PEXOTARn) : 0xfe260c40 = 0x00000000
Address Extended (PEXOTEARn): 0xfe260c44 = 0x00000000
Window Base Address(PEXOWBARn): 0xfe260c48 = 0x00ff8020
Window Attributes (PEXOWARn) : 0xfe260c50 = 0x8008800f
pex #3:
Address (PEXOTARn) : 0xfe260c60 = 0x00000000
Address Extended (PEXOTEARn): 0xfe260c64 = 0x00000000
Window Base Address(PEXOWBARn): 0xfe260c68 = 0x00000000
Window Attributes (PEXOWARn) : 0xfe260c70 = 0x00000000
pex #4:
Address (PEXOTARn) : 0xfe260c80 = 0x0007fffd
Address Extended (PEXOTEARn): 0xfe260c84 = 0x00000000
Window Base Address(PEXOWBARn): 0xfe260c88 = 0x0007fffd
Window Attributes (PEXOWARn) : 0xfe260c90 = 0x8004500b


So to my opinion outbound ATMU #4 is configured as write-message, address 0x7fffd000 - 0x7fffdfff?

I thought if write an 0x00008020 (table 28-9/11 in t1040rm.pdf) to e.g. address 0x7fffd000, then a pcie transaction "raise inta" will be sent to the bridge, which asserts the int-a-pin? This is not the case, also intb-d dont work (measured at pins).


Am i missing something?


PS: The ints are working on RC, other cPCI cards are working perfectly, MSI is not possible because of other legacy cards.


Question #2:

What would be the way to trigger an irq from RC inside the T1042-EP?