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MX7 How to flash Linux to NAND without SD card?

Question asked by Lars Heinrichs on Dec 21, 2017
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we have designed a custom hardware based on the i.mx7.

Both eMMC and NAND are available as mass storage.


eMMC is connected to the SD1 interface (and SPI2 Interface to get a total of 8 data lines).

NAND is connected to SD3+SAI1 and shall be used as the primary boot source.

JTAG is available.


How do I get my uboot/linux/device tree stored in NAND?
Most articles/posts I find recommend to use an SD card and uboot to copy the boot image to NAND. But theres no SD card here. I guess an emulator or is needed to transfer the file through JTAG? If this is correct: What kind of emulator may I use? Do I need anything besides the MFG Tools? Any other software? Any hardware?