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MKM14Z64ACHH5(LGA-44)  Which pin should I connect to I2C slave?

Question asked by Ryutaro Fukuzaki on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by Robin_Shen
Dear customer support,
I am planning to use a I2C slave(SHT31 sensirion attached datacheet) with  MKM14Z64ACHH5(LGA-44).
I have a question about
Which pin should I connect to I2C slave?
I am confused by reading KM Family Reference Manual_MKMxxZxxACxx5RM.
This reference manual says MKM14Z64ACHH5 has one I2C communication interface on page 46 Table 2-2.
The Datasheet(Table 8.2 KM Signal Multiplexing and Pin Assignments) says MKM14Z64ACHH5(LGA-44) has two I2C interfaces below.
Pin No.26 I2C1_SDA
Pin No.27 I2C1_SCL
Pin No.38 I2C0_SCL
Pin No.39 I2C0_SCL