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tune ADC conversation velocity

Question asked by Leon Thürnau on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Leon Thürnau

Hi Marius-lucian Andrei


I want to measure these four signals in simultaneous mode. Two of them on ADCA and two of them on ADCB.


After finishing the measurement there is a ADC "End of Scan interrupt".

The triggered subsystem contains a simple stateflow model:

Each time a ADC "End of Scan interrupt" occurs, the out_signal toggles, which you can see at the green signal in the picture below.


Obviously the measurement of four signals in simultaneous mode required two PWM cycles. 

Is there a possibility to make it faster, so that the measurement of the four signals are complete after each PWM cyle ?So in this example there should occure a ADC "End of Scan interrupt" two times faster.


If I configure three simultaneous measurements it requires three PWM cycles. 

So the problem gets bigger with increasing number of measurements...