John Waters

Why STOP mode can execute once only in MC9RS08KA2?

Discussion created by John Waters on Oct 4, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2008 by John Waters
I want my MC9RS08KA2 to go to STOP mode, get out by KBI, do something and loop bak to STOP mode again continuously.
I configured my MCU so that it went to STOP mode and was taken out by KBI. Everything was fine the first time STOP instruction was executed, i.e. it really stopped there at the STOP instruction, when there is a KBI, it continued with the next instruction. However, if I let it execute another STOP instruction after successfully getting out (by KBI), the second STOP instruction was ignored, i.e. it didn't stop there at this second STOP instruction but immediately continued with the next instruction. Could someone tell me why?