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Enabling virtual terminal in minicom after kernel boot

Question asked by lavakumar s on Dec 21, 2017
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I am working with imx6qp sabre AI board.

Built the Linux image using yocto krogoth kernel version 4.1.15.

I am using the uart (baudrate: 115200 ) to check the debugger logs.  Everything working fine but ,  after the uboot-and kernel boots. I can see only kernel logs.

even after enter in keyboard I am unable to get into the shell. i.e :unable to access the target file system.


but for morty version which is kernel version :4.9.11 I am able to get it.(i.e: able to access the shell and file system)

 Using minicom on the other system to check the kernel logs.



Please some one help with how to enable this feature on kernel :4.1.15 and krogoth . its urget.



Lavakumar S