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KBOOT does not work with led_demo_a000

Question asked by roymessinger on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by roymessinger

I've tried with several FRDM K64 boards, all brand new. I'm working with J26, open-sda communication of MBED (or using Segger plus with Jlink bootloader). 

I succeed to connect via BLHOST or the KinetisFlashTool. I succeed to read/write/erase. All is well.

But after I flash the led_demo_a000 - nothing blinks. 

The freedom_bootloader is in release mode. I've changed nothing in the code. Just opened the KBOOT zip and compiled.

I've followed the 'Kinetis Bootloader Demo Application User's Guide' and the example shown in 'Kinetis blhost User's Guide.pdf' step by step, either by placing the bin/sb in the MBED driver or by debugging the release version of the freedom_bootloader. It does not jump to application and stays in bootloader. Nothing blinks.

What am I missing here?