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Why is PN5180 EEPROM data at address 0x11 not consistent?

Question asked by Bao Phan on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by Ryder Ta Cong Manh

From the PN5180 datasheet, we got the EEPROM data at address 0x10-0x11 are Production Version and read only

when we try to send the command to PN5180 (firmware v3.9) to

1.Multi Read 2 bytes at address 0x10-0x11-> PN5180 response 2bytes (0x09,0x03)  (Good)

2.Single Read 1 bytes at address 0x11 only -> PN5180 response 1 bytes 0x0A (Not Good)

3.Multi Read 2 bytes at address 0x11-0x12 -> PN5180 response 2 bytes (0x0A,0x09) (Not Good)

The value read at EEPROM address 0x11 is not consistent compared  (2)(3) with (1). Could NXP guys/anyone please advise and explain why there's the different value at address 0x11 in EEPROM of PN5180?



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