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Bootloader for nxp MC56F82748

Discussion created by Anoop Singh on Dec 19, 2017
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I need Bootloader code and tool for MC56F82748. I use P&E DSC programmer to flash the .elf file.

Can I use RAppID BL Tool to send the .elf file and flash it using appropriate bootloader code?

What are the settings required? Is only .hex file or .s file supported by bootloader code?

Also, how to put device in bootloader mode first?


Please provide me the bootloader code for MC56F82748 in C language. 


Can I send .hex or .elf.s file via USART to a PIC and then from PIC send this to NXP controller through SPI and flash using bootloader? This is due to reason PIC is associated with bluetooth module but nxp MCU not so .elf.s or .hex file can only be sent to nxp MCU via PIC only as per the design.