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I was facing a license error for Model-Based Design for SPT 2.0/2.5 Toolbox  even though I followed all the instructions mentioned in the SPT user guide. Can anyone help me resolve this issue ( Details also attached)

Question asked by Ravi Teja Yakkali on Dec 19, 2017

I was trying to install the SPT toolbox for which I downloaded the SPT toolbox from the link:-

I also installed the corresponding toolbox in MATLAB and it is also shown in the add-ons in the Home button.

I obtained the license by entering the host ID and ethernet address on the same link and generated the license.dat file.

Now I copied the license.dat file to the installation folder where license folder is available.

I installed Visual Studio 2012 as it was mentioned in SPT User guide as it is a requirement.

After finishing all these steps, I am still getting the following error regarding license file in MATLAB.( Photo attached)



Can you help me to fix this error regarding license file as I performed all the required steps mentioned in user guide?