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Locating the variable to particular segment of RAM

Question asked by Ambarish Hundekar on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by Jiri Kral



I am facing some problems in locating the variable to particular segment of RAM.



Application code is


__attribute__((section(".bl_std_faiRecdata_RAM"))) StdFailurRecord_t gStdFailureRecord;

__attribute__((section(".bl_std_faiRecdata_RAM"))) int abc;

__attribute__((section(".bl_std_faiRecdata_RAM"))) int *ptr;



as per the linker file , the above variable's has to locate to the " .bl_std_faiRecdata_RAM " section".

variables are mapped to the particular section address in map file, but variables are located to the m_data2 segment (while debugging).


please find the attached ld file and map file snap shot.



kindly help me in this.