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imx6q 芯片pcie rc是否支持DMA

Question asked by sk wang on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by sk wang

In my project, imx6 should communication with fpga chip, fpga via pcie connect to imx pcie root bridge,  i want to initiate a DMA request on imx and transmit data to fpga,  result the program is running successfully, but the data has't been written Into it, So i  would to ask IMX6 pcie RC whether to support DMA operation or not?  Looking forward to your answer



项目中 imx6跟fpga需要通信,fpga通过pcie连接到imx PCIE RC上,我主动发起DMA,将数据从内存拷贝到fpga 设备空间,结果是程序运行正常,但是fpga没有任何数据,我想知道IMX6 pcie RC是否支持DMA操作,如果支持,有测试代码吗,目前我参考IMX自带的SDMA代码