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MCToolbox for 5643L with CTU

Question asked by hongjin zeng on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by hongjin zeng

Hi everyone,

  I use MCToolbox for 5643L establish a model,which contain PWM/CTU/ADC0.The PWM Frequency is 12.5Khz.The CTU has 4 ADC Trigger and trigger the ADC0_1 ADC0_2 ADC0_3 ADC0_4.The model and auto genetrate file is in the accessory.Then I download the elf file to the trk-usb-5643l.When I use Freemaster 1.4 to observe the veriable,the error like this:

If I delete trigger2 and trigger3 ,meanwhile set the trigger1 time to 45,the error disappear.The Freemaster work well.

But My project need 4 ADC trigger,I need help.