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MPC574x SWT issue

Question asked by Jeff liu on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2017 by Jeff liu

Dear NXP,

I'm using MPC5744p SWT with S32 ds IDE.

I have referenced the sample code "Example MPC5744P SWT Short reset GHS614".

There are some functions were used in my project, such as following:
void main()
/*Clock configuration and mode transition to RUN0*/

/*Clear faults in FCCU*/

/*Configure FCCU for SWT reset reaction*/

/*Initialize and start SWT*/

The SWT fails works when system run into SWT_Init() and implement "SWT_0.SR.R = 0xC520;".
I used to step over (in debug mode) and free run mode (not in debug mode), respectively.
It always shows "IVOR1_Vector() at 0x1001010" when implement "SWT_0.SR.R = 0xC520;".

I have encountered this problem before when the clock source doesn't enable when writing ADC register.

Does this same as clock issue?

Please help me thank you.