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Generating listing file attempts to list the library source files

Discussion created by Jonathan Valks on Oct 3, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2008 by stanish
I am using the Code Warrior V6.1 command line compiler for a ColdFire V1 target and have included the -list option in the linker command line. It produces a list file as I expect but also attempts to list all the library source files as well, which it cannot find. It outputs a load of messages in response (below is one such message). It's not really a problem, but it is messy, and a more serious linker error could be missed unless I scroll back through all the messages.

I am not sure where it gets the path from, as I certainly don't have a D: drive.

Is there a way of stopping it trying to list library source files or, better, yet, is there an option for the compiler so that I can generate a listing for individual source files, as the 9S08 complier can, rather than all in one hit by the linker?

### mwldmcf.exe Linker Warning:
#   Source file
#   "D:\Products\ColdFire\Lemna_ColdFire_Tools_V1\Lemna_ColdFire_Tools_V1_07101
#   9\CodeWarrior\ColdFire_Support\Runtime\Runtime_ColdFire\Source\ROMCopy.c"
#   not found, cannot display source