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USB Multilink on a Mac Book won't detect running Windows XP via Parallels

Discussion created by Moises De La Cruz on Oct 3, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2008 by Guest
Any one else has this issue?

Here is my setup:
I have an intel MacBook Pro running windows XP via Parallels.
I'm trying to connect to the USB Multilink HCS08 and the PEMICRO connection manager doesn't see it at all!

I have tried:
-Downloading/installing the PEMICRO USB drivers
-Upgrading the frimware on my USB Multilink (USB-ML12 REV C)
-plugging and unplugging many times
-enabling/disabling the device on the Device Manager

but it just doesn't see it.

Just to verify I tried with an old PC laptop running windows XP, and it works just fine! So the Multilink is functional.
Is the setup I have (Mac running Windows XP) not supported?
Any help will be appreciated!

[I searched this forum and the PEmicro forum and did not see an answer. Sorry if I'm reposting an old question]