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SPI demos not working (LPC54608)

Question asked by Patrick Hudson on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

We're developing on the OM13092 dev board.


Neither the spi_polling_transfer or the spi_interrupt_transfer examples from SDK 2.2.0 operate.


The hello_world, touch_cursor (LCD), lcdc_tft and LED examples do operate properly.


FC9 clock is OK (coming out of FC9_SCK)


but FC9_RXD_SDA_MOSI and FC9_CTS_SDA_SSEL0 are not operating (viewed with O-Scope).


In the spi_polling_transfer example the program hangs at:

  while(slaveFinished != true)   because of no data out of fc9, no data into fc3. 


A jumper has been placed on JP6


Any ideas?