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JN5168 sleep then wakeup can't hold the zigbee original state

Question asked by yucheng lin on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

hello,I am using JN5168 to design a low power products,In order to save battery,it need set into sleep mode 5 second and then wakeup.when the EndDevice join Coordinator((sEndDeviceData.eState == E_STATE_ASSOCIATED)),I  set the chip into sleep,by use: vAHI_Sleep(E_AHI_SLEEP_OSCON_RAMON);

      when the chip wakeup ,it will goto  AppWarmStart(void),but  I need to join Coordinator again(must use vStartActiveScan(SCAN_CHANNELS)). I want when the chip wakeup,it can hold the zigbee stack state, What is the need to be aware of?

       I use vAHI_leep(E_AHI_SLEEP_OSCON_RAMON) to hold the ram data restart.when restart and go AppWarmStart(),all the following global variable value preserved? Need to initialize zigbee stack?

PRIVATE void *s_pvMac;
PRIVATE MAC_Pib_s *s_psMacPib;
PRIVATE tsEndDeviceData sEndDeviceData;


       thank you!