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Wake up from Low Power Modes using the TSI on KL25Z (Mask 2N97F)

Question asked by Ashwin Nair on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by Hui_Ma

I am trying to implement an application on the FRDM KL25Z which goes to deepsleep() when idle and has to be woken up by using the TSI module on touch. I am using the hardware trigger from the LPTMR to trigger the TSI scan during RUN mode and TSI is configured to give an OUT OF RANGE interrupt. However once the module enters deepsleep it does not wakeup. (The wakeup has been configured to be from TSI module by setting LLWU_ME to 0x04)


While digging through the errata for the 2N97F Mask I saw the following mentioned about the TSI : 

Does this mean that the OUT OF RANGE interrupt can never be used to wake up the KL25 from low power mode? 

Also the errata that I had referred to was a document released in 2013, is there a new revision for the same where there are any new workarounds?