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FRDM kl82z board: after copying Jlink bin file to bootloader mode, unable to load a project demo 

Question asked by Tilak Marupilla on Dec 17, 2017

Having used Keil v5 for FRDM KL82Z board, and facing a error of 'NO VALID CPU DEFINED' for a quick sample project loaded from 'Kinetis SDK project generator', I switched to Kinetis design studio and followed the guidance given here exactly


But even on following all the steps correctly, I got stuck up at step 3 'Build,Run' video. 

where on copying Jlink bin file to Bootloader mode(Reset button pressed and then loaded the board to PC) and launching the project, which I previously generated from 'Kinetis SDK project generator', it fails to launch the project and says it is unable to recognise my device. 


Kinldy anyone help me.