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Clarificaton on UART Serial Download Protocol for RT105x

Question asked by Ryan Shuttleworth on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

Hello I am using MCUXpresso IDE, version v10.1.0 [Build 589] [2017-11-14] with an MIMXRT1050-EVK SDK, version  2.3.0 (2017-11-16).


I am looking for clarification on the UART Serial Download Protocol mentioned in the IMXRT1050RM.pdf document in section 8.9.  The description of the UART protocol details is sparse and then the manual proceeds directly to the description of the USB protocol details in section 8.9.1 with packet descriptions beginning in section 8.9.2 - Serial Download Protocol (SDP).


It is not clear if the UART protocol is identical in command structure to that described in 8.9.2 Serial Download Protocol (SDP).  Adding to this confusion is the mention of the USB HID protocol throughout and possible dependencies on it.


So are the UART and USB protocols identical? 

Do you have any further documentation, example applications, scripts etc. that would assist us in developing our own programming tool?

Are there any limitations we should be aware of when using this approach instead of the MfgTool?