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PN7462 Eval GPIO use and running without debugger

Question asked by Mike Montalvo on Dec 16, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by Wigros Sun

I'm trying to trigger GPIO outputs with a card read. Seems simple enough, but only some of the outputs are working, Other outputs put out a very short pulse when the bit is set on. 


Looking at the full board schematic (which for some reason is not included in the kit) it seems some GPIO pins are shared with the debugger. GPIO 5,6,7,8.  Am I correct in that if you are using the debugger, you cannot use these pins as GPIO?  


If I wanted to run the eval board stand alone, how would I do that?  If I boot it without the debugger connected, nothing happens.


I will need the HSU next. Are those pins also used with the debugger? Or will I be able to use them while the debugger is connected?