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How to use CMSIS -DSP FIR Filter to my ADC Data { S32K144}

Question asked by prashanth chary on Dec 16, 2017

Dear NXP,


   Currently I am working on S32K144 Controller in IAR Workbench, and I am Sampling the ADC Data with 20KSPS, and I am new to the CMSIS - DSP FIR  Filter and don't know how to use it.  I have gone through your forum but I did't get it any enough information.

Can you please tell me

1. How Can I interface  CMSIS - DSP FIR  Filter to my ADC Data

2. Is it necessary to know MAT LAB to generate this or should I use Default Cmsis Default API's

3. If possible plz send me the Example Code using CMSIS - DSP FIR with ADC