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Deploy dpl file to LSDK 16.04 USB bootable stick

Question asked by Dorin Popa on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by Dorin Popa

Built a new dpl file here: flexbuild/build/firmware/dpl-examples/ls2088a/RDB/dpl-eth.0x2A_0x41.dtb

What is the correct way to install this new dpl onto a bootable usb stick?

Tried to flexbuild

flex-builder -c firmware -m ls2088ardb

but  flexinstall the whole firmware deos not seem to be present for usb media with -f option below:


Usage: /home/telrad/workspace/LSDK/1709_9.4/flexbuild/tools/flex-installer option [argment] [option [argment]]
-m, --machine machine name
-f, --firmware firmware to be programmed into SD card or NOR flash
-b, --bootpart boot partition image to be programmed into SD/USB/SATA media
-r, --rootfs distro rootfs image to be programmed into SD/USB/SATA media
-d, --device device name of SD/USB/SATA disk in Linux
-s, --startblock start block number of SD card for programming firmware
-i, --instruction instruction
-h, --help print help info