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MPC5645S interrupt handlers

Question asked by Denis ZALLOT on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by David Tosenovjan

Good morning,

My project use the MPC5645s.

I would like to code the interrut system in software or hardware mode whichever is simpler to implement.

I am therefore looking for some existing files that would make my task easier.

I have found a lot of code targeting the MPC560xs but nothing for the MPC5645s.

The MPC560xs are based on a e200z0 (32 bits GPRs). The MPC5645s is based on a e200z4 (64 bits GPRs) 

Do you know if the MPC560xs interrupt drivers can be used on the MPC5645s ? (mainly the  context saveguard/restitution file named intc_sw_handlers.s) 

If not, would you know where I can get the appropriate drivers?


Thank you very much