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MMA9555L INT_O configuration

Question asked by Neil Porven on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by Neil Porven

Hi everyone,


I am having trouble understanding how to configure the INT_O.  Two things are happening that could be

the reason why I believe it is not working.

1. If I free run the software, I loose Arbitration in my I2C routine. This does not occur if I step through the commands.

2. If I place my scope with a trigger on IO5, I don't see the transition from low to high or triggered.


This is my setup or sequence of configuration for the MMA9555L:


Send Wake Up command

Send INT_O command

Send Read 6axis register command

then I wait to see if INT_O gets set by the MMA9555L


Do I need to configure/send additional commands prior to sending these commands?

Why do I loose arbitration when I let the program run?


I am using a freedom Kinetis K46L eval board by the way.