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how to modify wct-5wtxauto  for 1-coil system

Question asked by Devin Park on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales



WCT-5WTXAUTO is a 5w 3-coil tx charger. BTW, I want to make a 1-coil tx charger 


On the side of HW, some unnecessary blocks would be able to be removed : coil selection-related TR, etc... 


Then how about SW-side? I'm using SDK4.0. I found some coil-related variables.


      #define NUM_COILS_PER_DEVICE                    1u//3u


And then, I modified following ARRAY variables which controlled 3 coils originally. 


   BYTE byCoilIds[NUM_DEVICES][NUM_COILS_PER_DEVICE] = {{ 0u } }; //{2,1,0};         // set coil combinations by customer


   #define PWM_CHANNEL_MAPPING                     { 3u }//{ 3u, 3u, 3u }



   #define COIL_ENABLE_CONTROL_BIT_MASKS           { 0x2000u}



   #define COIL_DISCHARGE_CONTROL_BIT_MASKS        { 0x80u}


And also  EEdata_FlashDefaults.asm was modified to have only 1 coil parameters..


I wonder if it's enough for 1-coil migration. .

Pls help me if you have any experience on it.


Thanks & BR,