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How do I solve the problem of Freemaster communication

Question asked by wang xuan on Dec 14, 2017
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I already own the HVP-MC3PH, which contains the High-Voltage Development Platform (main board) and the HVP-KV46F150 Controller Card,I want to use it to control PMSM, I am learning MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0 provided by NXP, I read PMSMCRSPUG.pdf, there are some questions and problems I hope you can answer and help:
1. I use the compiler IAR Embedded_Workbench7.0 which I can compile and download into my HVP-KV46F150 Controller Card, but I do not have an existing motor now and I found "build_demos" and "build_ref_solutions" Knowing that the routine in "build_ref_solutions" controls the actual motor, the "build_demos" project serves for demonstration purposes, and includes only the functions and routines neccessary for motor control. This project includes only the speed Field-Oriented Control (FOC).) So for the moment without motors, can I only use "build_demos"? How can I detect the algorithm?
2.In addition, there was a problem with my evaluation board communicating with freeMaster. I could to connect via Direct RS232 because I did not have the conversion module for USB2CAN, but there was a problem with the screenshot. What should I do? Thank you .