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T2080RDB based board halts in U-boot initialization on cold boot

Question asked by Kyle von Schmacht on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by Kyle von Schmacht

To whom it may concern,

We're bringing up a custom board using the T2081 derived from the T2080RDB and T1042RDB.

SDK is QorIQ SDK 2.0 rev 1703.


We've noticed an error across all our boards.   

On a cold boot the processor will halt partway through the U-boot initialization sequence, usually before it rebases to RAM. 

POR, Hreset, and Reset_Req_n remain high.

There is no activity on the NOR chip select [So it is not executing instructions from flash]

There is intermittent activity on the DDR Chip select, consistent with auto-refresh


After about 5 minutes of on time, an outside reset (POR) or power-cycle with make the board boot normally, before then it halts in the same place.


I've tried putting in puts() to localize where the issue is happening,  this just causes the halt location to move earlier in the sequence.  This leads me to believe the issue is independent of the code actually running, and depends more on time itself.


Does anyone have any insights into what this might be?


Thanks for your help,