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Is there support for MIPI DSI in later linux kernels that use drm/kms?

Question asked by Jeff Evanson on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by Jeff Evanson

We have an imx6dl device with a MIPI DSI attached screen that works with linux-3.14, using the legacy /dev/fb architecture.  We are trying to update the device to use linux-4.14 (from so that we can leverage drm/kms for driving the display.  We have other imx6dl based products working with the new kernel but they use the parallel-display, ldb, and hdmi encoders.  Unfortunately, though, there does not seem to be any support for a MIPI DSI encoder.  I've seen various references to different patches created by Liu Ying at Freescale that adds support, but I have been unable to locate any kernel branch that actually contains it.  Is anyone aware if such a driver exists?  Has anyone had success using MIPI DSI in drm/kms?