Zachary Dickerson

MK20DX256VLH7 out of stock everywhere 4-6 months

Discussion created by Zachary Dickerson on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2018 by Hui_Ma

MK20DX256VLH7 has been out of stock everywhere for 2.5 months now, and another 4 months until available.  Your site says ACTIVE, but I beg to differ.  We are now cycling this chip out of all our products and moving to STmicro because of this, and I can not stop the owner at this point.   Are there any guarantees that you can keep the supply flowing?   We need at least 20,000 unit per year, if not 100,000 if the demand moves up.  We can't wait over 4-6 weeks are losing sales now while we re-design.