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LCD DMA FIFOs cascading: is it automatically preset in single panel mode?

Question asked by michele sponchiado on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by jeremyzhou

Hi, LPC4357 gurus!

I am working on a new project using your lovely LPC4357 and I am checking if there is a way to increase the LCD refresh rate of my -rather challenging- 800 x 480 x 24bit LCD display.


From the LPC4357 user manual 29.7.2 "Dual DMA FIFOs and associated control logic", first paragraph:

The pixel data accessed from memory is buffered by two DMA FIFOs that can be
independently controlled to cover single and dual-panel LCD types. Each FIFO is 16
words deep by 64 bits wide and can be cascaded to form an effective 32-Dword deep
FIFO in single panel mode.


I am wondering if, when in single panel mode:

  • the LCD FIFOs are automagically cascaded -no further settings needed
  • or if there is some bit -into some control register- to set to force the LCD FIFOs cascading, because it isn't enabled when setting the single panel mode

I am really hoping the cascading isn't automatic when in single panel mode so there would be a way to force the cascading and get a double length FIFO, which in turn could be very useful to increase the LCD refresh rate!


Many thanks for your help!