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Rehosting from Node locked to Dongle

Question asked by Barry Barge on Dec 12, 2017

Need to rehost our Code Warrior Development Studio V 10.5.2 from its current node-locked license to a USB dongle based so it may be used on other machines.   We purchased the dongle with the license with this intent.  Machine is Windows 10 64-bit.


I have the drivers loaded that show the Flex-id in Lmtools.  I try and transfer the working license to this ID  with the newly generated license for this Flexid, but it does not work.  The website has changed considerably since the Quickstart guide and other references on the web site seem to be obsolete and don't apply, so it is pretty confusing to determine what the current procedure is.  One issue seems to be that the license generator does not offer a Flexid option, only disk serial number or MAC address, so the file does not show up as a FLEXID-type license, but as a MAC hostid.  Also, the dash number from the FlexID is not present, or the ID is cutoff before the dash in the license file.


What is the current procedure to transfer this license from node-locked to the USB dongle?  Where are the current drivers for this OS?