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MQX 4.2 & Quad SPI driver

Question asked by BlueJay on Dec 12, 2017
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as I have seen the default settings of the quad spi driver of MQX is set in single mode:


static const QuadSPI_INIT_STRUCT _bsp_quadspi1_init_data = {


    QuadSPI_CLK_SDR_MODE,               /* Clock Mode */
    QuadSPI_SINGLE_MODE,                   /* IO Mode */
    33000000,                                              /* Serial Clock: Read */



I would like now to set it into quad mode. I am not sure if it is enough only change the IO mode into "QuadSPI_QUAD_MODE".

Does someone have experience about it, or can someone give me hints about the settings for quad spi driver. I use the quad-spi 2 of VF3xx.

Many thanks in advance for any hints.