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Matlab module running problem in MPC5744 DevKit

Question asked by cz lyu on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by cz lyu

Hello Sir or Madam ,


We’re trying to program an existing application generated with Model Based Design Toolbox into the MPC5744P DevKit using the RAppID_BL.exe application via Serial Port (connected with PC via the USB port). The compiler is S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version 2017.R1. The example is from Motor Control Course and we followed every step shown in the ADC programming video (Motor Control Class: ADC PROGRAMMING).

The RBF file has flashed into the MPC5744, and Simulink (Matlab2015b) has successfully built the program and created the executable file .elf, and then automatically called the RAppID_BL.exe to download this file into the MPC5744 DevKit. The whole process went well without any error even warning.

However, we found that the program may not run because the Pot_value has no value in the FreeMaster. My problem is that we missed some setups or the S32 Design Studio 2017.R1 needed Updates and Patches to guarantee the executable file can be correctly built?

The attached is the program we created. Could you please check it and provide some support?


Thank you!

Central South University, China.