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The S12XEP100 cannot be halted by the CodeWarrior IDE after a program error

Discussion created by Wankui Zhao on Dec 12, 2017


I'm encounting a problem using the MC9S12XEP100 mcu. I tried a lot but did not help.


here list the details.




IDE: CodeWarrior IDE v5.1

Connections: USBDM



Connect the MCU to the HI-WAVE debugger through a USBDM device, reset and run it. The program will run away after a period of time, the MCU keeps in running state but cannot be halted.



  • All the memory space can be accessed and modified in Memory Component window
  • Intention to halt program or set a breakpoint is prevented. An error dialog shows "Unable to execute command. Press Yes to Ignore the Error and stay connected". Click Yes and the program keeps running.
  • Procedure of a Halt event recorded in Command Component like the following:

        GDI:    DiExecStop() ==> DI_ERR_NONFATAL

        GDI:    DiErrorGetMessage() ==> 1

        GDI:    Error Message ==> Unable to execute command

        GDI:    Reading From Memory Address: 0x381, count: 1

        GDI:    DiMemoryRead() ==> DI_OK

        GDI:    00


  • All the interrupts do not occur any more (both in XGATE and S12X CPU). Like PIT and MSCAN module, they can work normally except the interrupt function.
  • The value of XGMCTL register read from memory is 0xC1
  • The state of S12X CPU cannot be sure


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