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flexbuild_lsdk1709_update_103017 linux-lib-firmware.tgz

Question asked by Lee xy on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by David Hill


We purchase LS1046ARDB and are evaluating the device performance.

Download flexbuild_lsdk1709_update_103017.tgz,
We see a package loss on the following step.

    - Step 3: Generate distro userland, untar prebuilt components tarball and merge it into distro userland
      $ flex-builder -i mkrfs -a arm64
      $ tar xvzf components_arm64.tgz -C build/images
      $ tar xvzf arm64-modules-<kernel_version>.tgz -C build/images/ubuntu_xenial_arm64_rootfs.d/lib/modules
      $ tar xvzf linux-lib-firmware.tgz -C build/images/ubuntu_xenial_arm64_rootfs.d/lib
      $ flex-builder -i merge-component -a arm64


 Where can I download  linux-lib-firmware.tgz ?