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How to plugin Rational ClearCase in CodeWarrior 10.6

Question asked by sakthivel kulandaivel on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2017 by sakthivel kulandaivel


I'm using CW10.6 version for my TPMS Development, I have lots of source files to maintain, so I want to use the clear case version control for ChekIn and CheckOut function and all other functions for organize my project.


I have searched online but I'm not getting the proper guidance to plugin the clear case. If anyone has already working environment please share a document for a plugin ClearCase or any other related documents.


I have found the document for the CW10.3, I have followed the guidance at end of the process connect error, see the below figure:


I don't have any how to resolve this issue, this will be very grateful if anyone helps me on this. Thanks in advance.


Regards & Thanks,

Sakthivel K