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VGA output of T1042

Question asked by Ather Shehzad on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by ufedor

Hello all !

I am working on Custom board of NXP's processor T1042. It has Display Interface Unit which outputs 12-bit parallel pixel bus on both rising and falling edge of pixel clock. So 24-bit as a whole in one clock cycle.

On rising edge it outputs D[0:11] where

                                        D[0:7] = B[0:7] and

                                        D[8:11] = G[0:3].

On falling edge it outputs D[0:11] where

                                          D[0:3] = G[4:7] and

                                          D[4:11] = R[0:7].

So, I need an encoder/ DAC /converter or whatever that can convert this pixel bus to VGA. Also I need it in industrial temperature range i.e -40 to 85/125 C. 

I will be very thankful if someone suggest me any encoder