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LPC4357: Cannot detect watchdog reset

Question asked by Johan Borkhuis on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by Johan Borkhuis

I am trying to implement the WWDT function in the LPC4357. According to the user manual (section 38.5) I should be able to read the Watchog Mode register and determine if a watchdog reset was performed:

When the Watchdog Timer is configured so that a watchdog event will cause a reset and the counter reaches zero, the CPU will be reset, loading the stack pointer and program counter from the vector table as in the case of external reset. The Watchdog time-out flag (WDTOF) can be examined to determine if the Watchdog has caused the reset condition. The WDTOF flag must be cleared by software.

After a reset however the WDTOF is always 0, even if I break inside the Reset handler. How can I determine if the reset was caused by a watchdog timeout?



Johan Borkhuis