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MPC5500 Flash Driver Demo Error

Question asked by michaelwichmann on Dec 8, 2017


I tried the MPC5500 Flash Driver on the MPC5566 and the Demo works just fine except one little thing.

pChecksum in the demo code returns a sum not equal to 0 as the content of the address range 0x00080000-0x0008001F changes from 0x00000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF after the execution of pFlashProgram and pProgramVerify. On first execution of pFlashProgram the data is initialised to 0 as expected but something changes it at the end.


I traced the write acccess to the address 0x00080000 and this occurs only once during the first execution of pFlashProgram when the content is changed to 0x00000000 so the code seems not to set it back to 0xFFFFFFFF.


Does anyone have an idea what happens there?


Kind regards