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MPC5777C problems to Transmit and receive data with Host Computer

Question asked by Thiago Duarte on Dec 8, 2017



I am using a MPC5777C with a MPC57XX Motherboard Rev C.


I tried to configure the FEC using the last configuration indicated on  Questions of MPC5777C FEC setting

The microcontroller is transmitting a simple packet and ARP request packets too.

Using the wireshark, with the ETH board in promiscuous mode , the data cannot be received.

The micro controller receive wrongly the packets generated by the host computer ( size and type )


When I used the loopback indicated on post Problems about receiving ethernet frame on MPC5604E  the microcontroller could receive the ARP packets transmitted. 


The clock configuration is the same as Example MPC5777C-PinToggleStationery GHS714 


I am using a MPC57xx MB Rev C,

The Jumper Configuration

J26 is 1-2.

J510 is 1-2.

J514 is 2-3.



Is there any other missing configuration can cause its problem ?

It is possible share any example like Need sample code MPC5777M Fast Ethernet Controller to communicate TJA1100 NXP  PHY  for MPC5777C using the PHY of the motherboard?