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Custom JTAG chains in CW 11(.2.5)

Question asked by jorisvv on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by jorisvv

Hello all,


We have a custom LS1012A board with the processor itself and two Eth PHYs in a JTAG chain. Currently I use the CodeWarrior Development studio for QorIQ LS series - ARM V8 ISA (Version: 11.2.5).


My problem is that I cannot access the LS1012A from CodeWarrior (CW) with this custom JTAG chain active. I have not yet found a way in the documentation to specify a custom JTAG chain in CW such that I can debug (and program the flash memory through) the LS1012A. In previous CW versions we could specify a custom chain in a JTAG configuration file. Is this even possible (or necessary) in this CW version? And if not possible, will it be supported in the future?


Just to clarify, I am able to debug the LS1012A when I have physically bypassed the two Eth PHYs in the chain. We also are able to scan the custom chain correctly using third party JTAG tooling. So functionally the JTAG chain itself should not be the problem I think. However, this bypass would not be our desired solution.


Thanks in advance!