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Different behavior depending on code allocation

Question asked by Giovanni Grondona on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by Daniel Chen


The   lpcxpresso54608_demo_apps_lwip_lwip_ping_freertos SDD example for LPC54608  work in a correct way when le code is allocated in internal FLASH. When I put the lwip library in external flash memory ( addess from 0x10000000)  the example work only when the SystemCoreClock  is 48 MHZ if I choose 96 MHZ or 180 MHZ the example stop working but when the code is allocated in internal memory ( from 0x0 to 80000 address ) ot works.

In my application ( very large application) I need to allocate all the code in external memory but I have a different behavior and I suppose different perfomances.

Could someone tell me something about the differences of performances between the two kind of memory?

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