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Using printf() via UART in a bare metal project

Question asked by Dariusz Zielinski on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Mark Yang

I have LS1046RDB board.

I installed CodeWarrior, set up bareboard project example and I managed to run the program via GDB and using built-in CMSIS-DAP I run it from RAM.


By default, printf() uses GDB redirection to CodeWarrior console. I followed Targeting Manual and changed linked library from simrdimon.specs to uart.specs.
But I don't see any output in a serial terminal on my PC.


Should I invoke any UART configuration / init function? Targeting Manual says only about changing the library. Is there any documentation of this UART library? Any API description or whatever?


I tried invoking InitializeUART, but to no avail and it was guessing. How can one use UART in a bare metal project?