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N00b question; Need help with CodeWarrior for RVDS v2.2 (ARM Dev. Suite)

Discussion created by Brian Trewin on Oct 2, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2008 by Brian Trewin
How do I get CodeWarrior for RVDS (v.2.2) to save the Error and Warning information out to a file, when running it unattended, from command line arguments? To be specific, as part of my company's automated test process we use Automated Build Studio to schedule nightly automated builds of our ARM code. CodeWarrior for RVDS is invoked to build the project using the following command-line argument:

  IDE.exe [projectfile.mcp] /r /b /c /q

This builds the project then quits. Then the automated build utility emails the pass or fail status to our engineers.  However, the only information that CodeWarrior for RVDS seems to return via stdOut, is a single digit indicating success or failure. If it fails to build because of a compiler or linker error it might return "8" for example, indicating that there was a build failure -- this is certainly not enough information for our engineers.
Unfortunately in this case I can't use "File=>Save A Copy As..." to save the detailed Errors and Warnings out to a file, since this is meant to be an automated process.   I'm sure there's a simple solution that I've overlooked... maybe the error&warning details are already automatically saved somewhere...?  Any ideas?