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LPC54608 DUAL USB and Device Mode question

Question asked by Kevin King on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by Kevin King

LPC54608 USB question's (2).


1st USB question:

Can i have both HS Device and a HS Controller stacks running. I think the documentation states it supports both

running ? Can anyone confirm ?


I have single instances of Device or Controller demo's that run - both not both.

I have a design that requires both. Is there any Demo code that exercises both stacks running.

I suppose i could combine 2 separate Demo's and try it.


2nd USB question : For USB Device mode i need to implement the internal FS DP pullup.

How is this done ? 

I have tried enabling USB_DEVICE_CONFIG_REMOTE_WAKEUP - thinking this would assert the D+ pullup for host attachment. I desparately need the D+ signalling for device attachment as the host doesn't assert VBUS.

Please advise.


I'm using the OM13095 devel kit.