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Which program memory to use for the M4 on 6SoloX?

Question asked by ThomasG1z on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by jamesbone

Hi, looking into the 6SoloX, and what is not clear for me is where to execute the application from, and what are the tradeoffs for the different possibilities. So, some possibilities as I understand:


1. External QSPI flash

2. TCL internal memory (64kB)

3. OCRAM (128kB)

4. DDR3


We will have a system with eMMC and DDR3L RAM, running Linux/yocto. So some questions related to the above


1. It seems QSPI flash is frequently preferred, any particular reason for that? Besides not having to move the application from 3rd party storage to the execution location?

2. The full 64kB is always available for the M4?

3. The full 128kB is always available for the M4? Are there drivers on Linux/A9 side or other elements that require allocation of this RAM?

4. DDR3: How do you define the address space available for the M4? What can the address space be / size?


So, in general looking for pros/cons, guidelines and tips. Are there performance tradeoffs that affect the A9 core as well?