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PN7150 does not communicate with tag

Question asked by Heinz Dutschke on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Heinz Dutschke


I am using the PN7150 in poll mode with FrameRF Interface using ISO15693 protocol.

The tag I am using is ICODE SLIX HC (SLS2102).

The PN7150 is running on a self developed PCB and is controlled with a STM32F4xx uC on another PCB.

First it ran without problems, but within one day, the PN7150 stopped to communicate with the tag.

Everything runs fine, the initialization, and the start of the discovery signal. (The discovery signal can be seen with the scope and a little antenna.)

When I hold the tag over the transmission antenna, nothing is changeing, the discovery signal stays the same, also  no change on the IRQ pin can be registered.

When I use a exact copy of the PCB running the PN7150 and the same firmware. It runs without problems.

So I think it is a hardware defect, on the PN7150 but I want to know, what is the possible cause of this defect, to avoid further failures. Does anyone had the same issue?


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