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ADC Simulation for HCS08 series MCU using CodeWarrior Ver6.3 Real Time Simulator HCS08 FCS ADC Module -> ADDI (Queue ADC Input Data) & ADCLR (Clear ADC input queue)

Question asked by Srinivasu Batchu on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by ZhangJennie

I have selected MC9S08SL8 MCU in CodeWarrior development environment and created new project in FCS (Full Chip Simulation) mode. I wish to simulate the ADC peripheral using CodeWarrior Real Time Simulator in the debug mode.   


To simulate the Analog to Digital Converter ADC with CodeWarrior ver6.3, I have received message from NXP Community that using ADDI and ADCCLR, I can simulate with the "real time simulator".  I have created a new project for ADC and after compiling, with the real time simulator filled the ADDI with the assumed data for example  $0001, $0003,$0005,$0007,$0009,$0011,$0013,$0015,$0017,$0019,$0021,$0023,$0025,$0027,$0029,$0031,$0033,$0035,$0037,$0039,$0041,$0043,$0045,$0047,$0049,$0051,$0053,$0055,$0057,$0059,$0061,$0063,$0065,$0067,$0069,$0071,$0073,$0075,$0077,$0079,$0081,$0083,$0085,$0087,$0089,$0091,$0101,$0103,$0105,$0107,$0109,$0111,$0113,$0115 


Please let me know, how to map the above data using ADDI in the  "ADC - ISR i.e. Interrupt Service Routine" to 10 bit conversion  data  to ADCRH & ADCRL,  Similarly, please let me know the purpose of ADCCLR and how I can use in ADC simulation. 


In the Real-Time Simulator, when I tried to reset and start run again, I have noticed that the entered data for ADC simulation is getting lost i.e. entire entered data is lost and again I need to reenter. 


Please understand my question and request you to help me for the above points with detailed explanations. 


NXP CodeWarrior ver6.3 - User

Srinivasu Batchu